Case Studies

Establishing and embedding competencies


As a learning partner we have supported this interesting organisation in establishing a behavioural competency framework, refreshing their performance management system and upskilling their managers to be able to set clear expectations; manage performance on both results and behaviours and giving great feedback. Our focus on managers has supported the organisation in achieving a consistent level of capability across the manager population and an improvement in the quality of performance management conversations and performance management outcomes.


We reviewed existing competencies and refreshed these against clear values; we ran focus groups with all levels of staff to understand what good looked like and kept the framework concise and simple to understand and use. The new performance management system and ratings reflected both behaviour and results and timely training workshops with the managers enabled the to reflect on their own staff and practice effective performance conversations.

For this particular organisation, as well as the consultancy above, our team run team leam development days and inter-personal skills development including interviewing skills, career management workshops.

Graduate Development programme


Running a structured graduate programme for a great organisation over the past three years has given us a real insight into those entering corporate life now and the expectations they have of the workplace. Getting to know three cohorts of graduates has enabled to work closely with this new generation, ensuring that the same attention that is given to their technical capability is also given to their personal development. We have worked closely with the graduate managers to increase their generational awareness, set clear expectations and ensure that they are supporting both techical and personal development in early careers.


Our modular programme has has focused on the transition from University to Corporate life, increasing the participants' self-awareness and awareness of others; developing their communication and influencing skills and allowing them time to improve their ability and confidence in presenting. Modules are 90 minutes to 1 day, with action learning to enable them to continue to learn between formal training and workshops with managers to share feedback and increase their understanding of this generation. This programme is supporting the establishment of a learning culture in the organisation. Development planning focusing on personal mastery at the end of their programme has developed personal accountability for their own development going forward.

Working Globally


We have a great training team working in the Middle East supporting those in their early careers and aspiring to management across a variety of organisations. Work includes supporting organisations who wish to help increase the capabiity of youth coming through to organisations as well as working directly with those already established in their careers.


Working with our local partners, we are able to offer experiential classroom training, coaching and outdoor learning opportunities that support teamwork, personal confidence, communication skills, awareness of others.

Enhancing recruitment skills


As a learning partner we support this global organisation to increase recruitment skills for all recruiters. The programme across the UK is supporting those joining the organisation receive a consistent experience of recruitment.


Through experiential workshops, we increase the capabiity of the participants in using skilful questioning and active listening techniques to provide candidates with the best possible opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, as well as accurately identifying areas where competencies may not meet requirements.



Supporting 70:20:10 in organisations


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